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Thousands of US immigrants line up for new work permit program


As DACA was created by executive order, the program is to be funded solely by applicants’ fees. Each applicant must pay $465, a very large—if not prohibitive—amount for a young person who has not been able to obtain a work permit or qualify for government student grants or loans. Applicants are cautioned not to leave the country pending decision on their cases. If an individual is approved and wants to travel internationally, he or she will need to apply for permission to re-enter the country, a process that will cost another $360.

In addition to the burdensome requirements and costs, many immigrants and their advocates are fearful that a process that claims to provide opportunities may expose their families and themselves to the risk of deportation. Young people worry that authorities will use the information they submit on applications to track down relatives who are undocumented and do not qualify for the program.

(Source: free-culture-movement)

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