Immigrant Stories: How did you come to US?

Celebrating the Immigrant in all of US--even you, yes you


August 16, 2012

**Please also see yesterday’s and today’s Quick Clips Special Editions, with coverage of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals.**

ASSOCIATED PRESS: Bloomberg wants election debate on immigration
ASSOCIATED PRESS (Pennsylvania): Pa. city tries again to enact immigration rules
NEW YORK TIMES (Editorial): Mr. Bloomberg’s Immigration Road Trip
WASHINGTON POST (Khimm Post): Paul Ryan’s evolution on immigration: From pro-legalization to anti-amnesty
WASHINGTON POST WRITERS GROUP (Cepeda Column): Pick of Ryan No Slight to Hispanics
WASHINGTON POST WRITERS GROUP (Navarrette Column): Ted Cruz’s coming wild ride
BLOOMBERG: Cruz Seeks to Pry Mexican-Americans From Democratic Fold
BOSTON GLOBE: Murdoch, Bloomberg back immigration overhaul in Boston session
CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR: Has Mitt Romney given up on the Latino vote?
CNN: Study to focus on political advertising and Latinos
CNN: Immigration officials spare entrepreneurs’ daughter
EFE (South Carolina): South Carolina immigration unit may not ask about status
FOX NEWS LATINO (Lopez Op-Ed): With Paul Ryan, Romney’s Courting of Latinos Is Over
FOX NEWS LATINO: Census Considers Re-Classifying Hispanics as a Mutually Exclusive Group
MIAMI HERALD (Oppenheimer Column): Romney risks “Hispanic debacle” in November
THE HILL: Romney targets Hispanics in Florida
POLITICO: Paul Ryan no help to Mitt Romney with Hispanics
SUN-SENTINEL: Ryan no `dreamer’ on immigration front
U.S. NEWS AND WORLD REPORT: Romney’s VP Choice Deepens GOP Hispanic Deficit
NATIONAL JOURNAL: Rosario Dawson Gets Attention of Young, Tech-Savvy Latino Voters
NATIONAL PUBLIC RADIO: Racial Diversity Absent From GOP Presidential Ticket
NATIONAL PUBLIC RADIO: Eyeing Latinos, NBC News Snuggles Up To Telemundo
POLITICO: Univision, ‘disappointed’ in debate commission, calls for Latino ‘forum’
POLITICO: Univision to invite Obama, Romney to debate