Immigrant Stories: How did you come to US?

Celebrating the Immigrant in all of US--even you, yes you


August 16, 2012

**This Quick Clips edition focuses exclusively on additional coverage of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. Stay tuned for a second e-mail with additional immigration clips.**


FOX NEWS LATINO (Noorani Op-Ed): For Young Immigrants, a New Dawn
NATIONAL JOURNAL: Immigrants Line Up for 2-Year Chance to Stay
TIME.COM: Arizona Gov. Defies Obama, Denies Benefits to Undocumented Immigrants
ASSOCIATED PRESS: Young illegal immigrants line up to for 1st chance to work legally in US in new Obama program
WALL STREET JOURNAL: Illegal Immigrants Flock to Youth Program
NEW YORK TIMES: Illegal Immigrants Line Up by Thousands for Deportation Deferrals
WASHINGTON POST (Klein Post): For 2 million illegal immigrants, change has come
WASHINGTON POST: For most undocumented immigrants, life in the shadows continues
WASHINGTON POST: Young illegal immigrants begin applying for relief from deportation
ABC NEWS: Today Is the Day for DREAMers
CHICAGO TRIBUNE: New immigration initiative draws thousands to Navy Pier
CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR: DREAMer policy on illegal immigrants goes live. Can it backfire on Obama?
CNN: The Risk of Deportation Relief: Jose Antonio Vargas and David Leopold on “Out Front”
CNN: Undocumented immigrants take chance of a lifetime
CONGRESSIONAL QUARTERLY: Reid Calls on Republicans to Back Administration’s Deferred Action Plan
NATIONAL JOURNAL: Start of DREAM Act-Like Program Sparks Congressional Divide
NBC NEWS: Young undocumented immigrants line up for chance to legally stay, work in US under new deferral program
ROLL CALL: Democrats Tout DREAM Act-Inspired Order as It Takes Effect
SAN JOSE MERCURY NEWS (Honda Op-Ed): U.S. must push forward with progress on immigration
TAMPA BAY TIMES (Editorial): A humane first step on immigration
TIME (Vargas Op-Ed): Immigration Reform’s New Day