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August 15, 2012

**This Quick Clips edition focuses exclusively on coverage of today’s launch of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals.**

CNN.COM (Noorani Op-Ed): Today, America welcomes young immigrants
AFP: US begins taking requests for deferred deportation
ASSOCIATED PRESS: US launches new immigration program as illegal immigrants scramble to get documents in order
ASSOCIATED PRESS: DHS launches new immigration program
WASHINGTON POST: Young immigrants can apply for Dream Act-like protections starting Wednesday
LOS ANGELES TIMES: Immigration service expects flood of applications from youths
CNN.COM: Undocumented immigrants line up for relief from deportation
CONGRESSIONAL QUARTERLY: Administration Addresses GOP Concerns over New Deportation Policy
THE HILL: Administration defends immigration plan as applications to defer deportation open
HUFFINGTON POST LATINO VOICES (Gutierrez Post): Ten Reasons Young People Should Come Forward For Deferred Action
KANSAS CITY STAR: New immigration policy keeps American dream alive for young, undocumented immigrants
MSNBC: Hardball with Chris Matthews: Jose Diaz Balart and NBC’s Vicoria DeFrancesco Soto on Deferred Action, Florida and the Latino Vote
NEW YORK DAILY NEWS: State officials announce $450,000 in grants to groups aiding undocumented immigrants
UTAHPOLICY.COM (Shurtleff Op-Ed): Securing the American Dream for the Children of Unauthorized Immigrants

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