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This made me cry yoo :’(

Lupe Fiasco breaks down in an interview about his neighborhood being the murder capital of America and not being able to change the circumstances for the Black community in the area as a being celebrity now. 

Lupe is beautiful. I think a lot of us forgot about him for a minute.
I’ll just leave this honesty and truth here. 

I’m posting this for everybody who talks shit about Lupe.  Yesterday I saw a post about him saying that he’s full of shit like other “conscious rappers” because he grew up middle class or some shit.  Clearly, that’s not true. 

Question before I watch: Did Lupe bring up how his best friend (that helped him get his label 1st and 15th of the ground) was one of Chicago’s biggest drug kingpins before he got locked up a few years ago?

No. He said that all his friends had guns or something like that. And he said that many of the people in video they showed were dead or in jail.

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    This brought tears to my eyes too. It’s sad that so many of us have the same experience growing up in the hood. I still...
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    I just love this guy, ok
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    I sought this out after watching last video on Hip Hop vs Rap.
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    I saw this dude at Firefly - he is unbelievably talented.
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    This is so real. This is what people fail to realize and understand.
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