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Would Colorado Shooter Have Been Noticed Earlier If He Was Muslim?


The answer to this questions seems to be YES. This is important because if we want to keep our country safe, the answer should be no.

In 2009, Najibullah Zazi sent three e-mails from his Aurora apartment to a suspected terrorist in Pakistan asking about the ingredients necessary to bake something for an upcoming marriage. Within hours, the Federal Bureau of Investigation was on to him.

Almost three years later and 15 miles away, James Eagan Holmes was filling his home with armament. Hehad regular deliveries of ammunition for a military-style AR-15 rifle, two handguns and a shotgun he purchased over the course of 60 days. There were about 6,000 rounds in all, another 300 shotgun shells and a high-capacity drum for the rifle. In all, it amounted to more than 200 pounds of ordnance.

All of it legal. None of it, apparently, noticed by or reported to police. None of it the slightest bit disconcerting to ammunition suppliers, delivery drivers or neighbors.

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    Interesting perspective.
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    Terrorizing to think this guys had roomates. I would not be roomate with somebody with an arsenal or even a gun for that...
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    Acknowledged in the article is the fact that “marriage” was code for suicide bombing.
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