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What the Supreme Court Decisions Mean for Immigrant Women


We’ve approached this from every angle but this one.


Underreported in the Supreme Court’s recent ruling on Arizona’s immigration law SB 1070 and a pending decision on President Obama’s health care reform due Thursday is the impact these decisions will have on the lives of immigrant women.

For too long, the experiences and perspectives of immigrant women have been consigned to the margins of policy debates, leaving many in our community out of the conversation. Yet as the recent past has demonstrated, anti-choice, anti-immigrant policymakers inevitably seek to undermine our civil rights by attacking our most marginalized first, and we must be prepared to respond.

The past several months have seen an onslaught of state and federal policies that either explicitly target immigrant women or would have a clear and disproportionate impact on this community. From the faux-Violence Against Women Act passed by the House this Spring and the “PRENDA-the-Pretenda” bill that was defeated in that chamber, conservative lawmakers in Washington have tried to use immigrant women’s access to health care and other vital services as a bargaining chip for political gain.

At the same time, legislatures in Arizona, Alabama, Florida and other states have doubled down on policies to restrict access to abortion and contraception while at the same time making it harder for immigrant women and families to live with dignity and justice. It’s been a tough year.


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